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Spinko is a manufacturer of high-precision aluminium high-pressure castings along with CNC machining and assembly as well as machined and assembled cast-iron bodies for the automotive industry.

High pressure foundry:

A modern machinery park that includes horizontal, cold chamber casting cells with a clamping force of up to 1,050 tons, allowing for the production of complex and high quality high-pressure castings of aluminium.

Foundry's support is provided by an internal tool shop that deals with maintaining and producing new equipment.

CNC machining:

Machining of aluminium castings and cast iron bodies is performed on high-performance CNC machine tools such as: horizontal / vertical CNC lathes, horizontal / vertical, one- / two-spindle CNC milling machines.


Spinko proposes assembly of components and testing their functionality. This is done on dedicated, fully automated and robotic lines.

For over 20 years, Spinko has been a leading supplier of aluminium and cast iron parts to world leaders in the production of turbochargers and braking systems.