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Here you will be able to keep track of the company, information of the successes achieved, diplomas, certificates, information on the implemented programmes and investments and the way of spending leisure time - because it is obvious that the man needs not only work to live.

31.05.2014 – Fishing Championships

On Saturday, May 31st another round of competition was held at Spinko Leszno fishing section. This time competitors fought over SPINKO’s President Cup at the sports fish pond in Dzięczyn. As always competition was conducted in friendly but foughtful atmosphere. After counting the results from two 3-hour rounds,  Franciszek Stachowiak took the lead. Second place was taken by Jacek Poprawski. The third place was occupied by Juskowiak Wiktor.


On Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 a reporting meeting organized by Zarząd Oddziału Związku Inwalidów Wojennych RP in Leszno took place. During the debate distinctions were handed over.

Spinko received a commemorative medal to honour 95-years of ZIWRP.

11.05.2014 - Fishing Championship

On Sunday, May 11th 2014 on Wojnowice Channel second turn of SPINKO fishing section championship took place. Even though not very good weather was present, it was possible to conduct
the competition in a good atmosphere. It was Mr Stachowiak Francisze who during 4 hour-challenge achieved best result – weight 5485g. Second place was attained by Mr Poprawski Jacek – weight 5135g. Third place was taken by Mr Juskowiak Wiktor – weight 4120g. After calculating the results from first and second turn, the final classification is as follows:

1. Stachowiak Franciszek – Tooling Shop worker – 2 sector points
2. Poprawski Jacek – Maintenance Shop worker – 4 sector points
3. Neuman Grzegorz – Aluminium Machining Dpt. worker – 8 sector points

Next competition will take place on 31st May on Dzięczyna reservoir.

27.04.2014 - Competition from Leszno Cycling League series

On Sunday, April 27th , 2014 another marathon from Leszno Cycling League series took place, this time in Olejnica. It is also a first round of bigger Kaczmarek Electric MTB series. Due to this fact number

of competitors starting at mini distance (35km) and mega distance (62km) involved 796 persons. Interesting route with many uphills and fast downhills proved to be equally demanding for all competitors.

Fortunately earlier weather forecasts appeared to be far from true and weather was just perfect. Our long distance representative – Mr Zdzisław Wasiołka finished the competition on 11th position
in the category M5. Our novice Marek Wawrowski in the age category M3, the largest attended category by Spinko employees, attained 134th place (338OPEN). The rest of the competitors in M3 category are:
Maciej Płatek 76 (188 OPEN), Bartosz Wolny 103 (247 OPEN) and Marcin Brzozowski 128 (328 OPEN).

We warmly invite you to visit our facebook profile, where we will immediately present current classification.

06.04.2014 - Falcon Run

On Sunday, April 6th, 2014 in Bukówiec Górny a 29th Falcon Run took place. This Run takes place at a distance from 1 to 15 kilometres (4 events). There were 9 Spinko employees who took part in the Run. Results and detailed information are available at .

05.04.2014 - Leszno Cycling League

On Saturday 05.04.2014 first competition from Leszno Cycling League series took place. Our ever-growing representation took part in this competition very concentrated and prepared after winter practice. Great results were achieved in the M3 group by Bartosz Wolny (12/30OPEN), Sebastian Szerszeń (14/35OPEN), Marcin Brzozowski (17/ 40 OPEN) and Maciej Płatek (21/45 OPEN). In the category M4 started also Przemysław Dembiński (36/156 OPEN). In total 195 competitors took part in the event. We gained 11th place out of 20 teams.

We await impatiently for next competition, which will be held on April 27th in Olejnica. Details concerning results may be tracked on our profile:

05.04.2014 - Section of anglers – I Round.

On Saturday, April 05th 2014 members of Spinko Leszno Section met at the Wojnowice Channel in order to compete for the title of Float Section Champion 2014. Competition included 10 senior and one junior competitor. Fish bit rather good, but those were only small ones. Franciszek Stachowiak –Tooling Shop worker - dealt best with this situation, catching as many as 7kg of fish.

26.03.2014 - Visit of former employees.

On 26 March 2014 the Company organized a tour of the plant, after its extension, for the former employees. The visitors praised the quality of the changes, admiring the machinery. "The return to the old workplace was extremely interesting" - said the visitors, positively surprised by all the changes.

28.02.2013 - Carnival dance.

As every year, the Company organized a carnival dance, intended to integrate employees. The “Paradise” music band were playing for nearly 170 people. Below you can see a gallery of photos of that event.

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