Spinko for the local community - Spinko Sp. z o.o. 

Spinko for the local community

Spinko gets engaged in the activities directed to improve the quality of life of the local community. We invest money and time to introduce positive changes in the lives of the people living around us.

Spinko is a many-year sponsor of the following organizations:

  • Deaf People Assistance Association ‘SPON’ in Leszno,
  • Polish Multiple Sclerosis Society in Leszno,
  • Leszno Rehabilitation Association ‘Amazon’ in Leszno,
  • Disabled Veterans of War of the Republic of Poland Association in Leszno,
  • Foundation Wielspin – Reha in Poznań,
  • Special School-Educational Centre in Rydzyna,
  • Children’s Home in Bodzewo,
  • Association of Parents of Disabled Children in Kościan,
  • Sports Club Polonia in Leszno,
  • Leszno Sailing Association,
  • Falcon Gymnastic Society in Bukówiec Górny.

in buisness: