Training - Spinko Sp. z o.o. 


To enable our employees to meet fully the requirements of our customers, the Company has a training system. It is a very complex system: from identification of training needs on many levels, to evaluation of a training process and deferred evaluation of the effectiveness of the training. All this aims at improving the effectiveness and quality of work.

ADAPTIVE TRAINING - each new employer participates in a training adaptation system.

SPECIALIZED TRAINING - thanks to this training employees acquire and update the right to perform certain professional activities.

EXTERNAL TRAINING - aiming at raising the level of professional knowledge and employees’ interpersonal skills necessary in their daily work.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE COURSES - with reference to numerous contacts with foreign customers, the Company enables improvement of foreign language skills.

HIGHER EDUCATION STUDIES, POSTGRADUATE STUDIES - the Company subsidizes formally studying employees. Depending on the employees’ individual needs and in accordance with Spinko needs, they can be: Bachelor’s, Master’s or postgraduate studies.

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