Machining - Spinko Sp. z o.o. 


SPINKO specializes in machining aluminium castings and iron castings, making use of their extended fleet of machines which include machining centres and turning centres of reputable companies. We have 45 CNC machining tools, i.e.: CNC machining centres of Chiron company and Mazak and turning lathes of Mazak company, DMG and HYUNDAI. We also use a SUNNEN honing machine. Thanks to the wide range of machines we are able to execute both large series orders and make single components – from small parts to complex housings.

At Spinko we machine precise aluminium and cast iron parts made of the following materials:

  • aluminium alloys
  • grey cast iron
  • ductile cast iron

However, the manufacture of aluminium components means not only machining but also the processes accompanying making the product ready. For this purpose Spinko carries out:

  • honing the precise products,
  • washing the manufactured products in vacuum washers and chamber washers,
  • checking the tightness and patency of the components made of cast iron and aluminium alloys,
  • assembly of the manufactured products with various components on the automatic and semi-automatic assembly stations with the possibility to check the correctness of the assembly with the use of film cameras, sensors, etc.,
  • marking with the use of micro-impact marking machines and in the system DMC –Data Matrix Code.

The quality of all the production processes is supervised by a team of quality experts using modern measuring equipment, i.e.:

The manufacture of aluminium components means not only casting but also the processes accompanying formation of the ready semi-manufactured product.

Spinko production is supported with measuring processes:

  • 3D measuring machines,
  • roughness measuring devices,
  • hardness measuring devices,
  • tools to test tightness and patency,
  • roundtest machine – measuring roundness,
  • contour graph,
  • stand for metallographic examination of welds.

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