Mission and Vision - Spinko Sp. z o.o. 

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to ensure full satisfaction to our customers through continuous improvement of projects, the production process and rendering services. Carrying out the mission we do not forget about the increase of the company value and development of its employees.

Spinko Vision results from the knowledge, practice and ambition of the Company. It shows directions for which the Company heads. It also specifies the customers, products, markets, technologies and image of the Company.

Vision of the Company:

with reference to the owners:

  • care of the increase of the Company value,

with reference to the employees of the Company:

  • care of a harmonious development of the employees and ensuring them good working conditions,

with reference to the customers:

  • reaching the leading manufacturers of motor components,

with reference to the products:

  • offering products continuously perfected in their quality,
  • constant supervision over maintenance of a competitive price of the products,

with reference to the markets:

  • recognition of foreign markets as the dominating ones,
  • penetration of the Polish market in connection with the investment of companies of the automotive industry, in particular producers of components for the automotive industry,

with reference to the technologies:

  • striving for the world quality standard in the production of parts and components for the automotive industry,
  • new and modernizing investments and a transfer of know-how to achieve very high quality of production and low consumption of production factors,

with reference to the philosophy of the Company:

  • creating an image of a modern company, technologically advanced and friendly to the environment,
  • consolidating the opinion of a solid and predictable company, taking care of good working conditions and development of its employees,
  • maintaining eco-friendly production,
  • operation based on the principles of law, ethics and friendly relations with the environment.

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