History of Spinko - Spinko Sp. z o.o. 

History of Spinko

1950 Founding the company with the name Cooperative of the Disabled (Spółdzielnia Inwalidów) "Bzura" in Leszno, on the initiative of war veterans.

The founders are:

  • Karol Muńko,
  • Józef Baranowski,
  • Stanisław Sosień,
  • Ignacy Lewandowski,
  • Józef Stachowiak.

The objective of the Company was training and employment of disabled war veterans and soldiers and members of their families.

1952 Decision of the division of the Company:

  • Cooperative of the Disabled Bzura – metal industry, production and sale on the domestic and foreign markets (currently Spinko Sp. z o.o.),
  • Cooperative of the Disabled Start – services and trade.

1954 Renaming the Cooperative of the Disabled Bzura for Nicolas Copernicus Cooperative of the Disabled (Spółdzielnia Inwalidów im. Mikołaja Kopernika).

1961 Acquiring the status of a Safeguard Workshop Company.

1982 Commissioning a modern facility in Okrężna Street in Leszno.

1988 Beginning the production of low-power electric motors from 25 to 120W – implementing new technologies: precise cutting, die casting, winding engines.

1989 Beginning the production of fuel level sensors for cars, trucks and buses.

1991 Launching an assembly line of household appliances (microwaves, car vacuum cleaners).

1992 Implementing an integrated company management computer-based system and computer-aided design system CAD/CAM.

1993 Beginning the production of window and door handles, window fittings.

1995 Transformation of the Cooperative into a commercial trade company: SPINKO Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) – the name was made of the first letters of the name of the Nicolas Copernicus Cooperative of the Disabled (SPółdzielnia INwalidów im. M. KOpernika).

1996 Obtaining the certificate of conformity of the Company Quality Assurance System with the standard ISO 9001.
Beginning the production of propane – butane gas reduction valves.

1997 Implementation of new production technologies – vibro-abrasive machining, aluminium anodizing line, die-casting.

1999 Beginning the production of elements of turbochargers: covers, compressor housings, silencers.

2000 Construction of aluminium pressure foundry.
Obtaining the certificate of conformity with the standard QS 9000 for the Company Quality Management System.
Implementing the production of aluminium pressure castings for the gas industry and textile industry (for companies RMA, STORK).

2002 Beginning the production of aluminium pressure castings for starter housings and alternators.

2003 Obtaining the Certificates ISO 9001 - 2000 and TS 16949 - 2002 for the Company Quality Management System. Beginning machining of cast iron for turbochargers. Big investments in CNC machine tools and control equipment.

2005 Modernization of the aluminium foundry. Purchasing new casting areas, melting furnaces, trimming presses. Closing the electroplating department and anodizing line which were onerous for the environment.

2007 Beginning the production of aluminium die castings for hydraulic braking systems.

2008 Introduction of the LEAN Manufacturing Methodology : LPMS, QRQC, 5S, SMED, TPM, MPS.

2009 Starting the automatic process of welding of components for VTG bearing turbocharger housings.

2010 Obtaining the Certificate ISO 14001.

2012 Extension of Spinko – construction of a warehouse – production hall.

2012 Changing the status of the Company from a Safeguard Workshop Company to Open Labour Market Employer.

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